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    (by February 2016)



    – Born in Florence (Italy), June 19, 1963.



    Full Professor of Linguistics at the University of Roma Tre since January 1st, 2011 (associate professor since October 1st, 2001).





    – Graduates in literary disciplines (July 1986; first-class de­gree, 110 with honours/110). (Dissertation in Italian Dialectolo­gy, with Proff. G. Giacomelli and L. Agostiniani; title (transla­ted): Deictic and determinative: a systematic essay on Piedmonte­se demonstrative terms.)

    – PhD in Linguistics (May 1992), University of Rome “La Sapienza” with a Dissertation on Distribution of information and relations among clauses in written discourse. (Director: Prof. R. Simone.)





    – Three-year scholarship from the Italian Episcopal Conference, that he will give up after one year, having obtained a Doctorate scholarship from the University of Rome.

    – Four months scholarship from the Austrian ministry for Scientific Research

    – Post-doctorate scholarship (2 years) in Linguistics, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, then transferred to the Third University of Rome.

    – Three months scholarship offered by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science through Italian CNR, for a research program on Japanese subordination at Waseda University in Tokyo (1994).

    – Three months scholarship offered by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science through Italian CNR, for a research program at Waseda University in Tokyo (1997, delayed to 1998 for didactic reasons).

    – Three months scholarship offered by the Japan Foundation, for a research program at Waseda University in Tokyo (2001).

    – Two months scholarship offered by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science through Italian CNR, for a research program at Keio University in Tokyo (2005).

    – Two months scholarship offered by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science through Italian CNR, for a research program at Keio University in Tokyo (2011, postponed to 2012 due to tsunami emergency and Fukushima nuclear alarm).






    – Member of SLI (Society of Italian Linguistics), of SIG (Italian Society of Glottology), of AISTUGIA (Italian Society of Japanese Studies), of SIDG (International Society of Dialectology and Geolinguistics), of AISC (Italian Association for Cognitive Sciences), of IPrA (International Pragmatics Association), of SILFI (International Society of Italian Linguistics and Philology).





    – Four months at Vienna University, under the guidance of Proff. Corrado Grassi and Wolfgang Dressler (1989-1990).

    – Three months at the University of California at Santa Barbara, with Prof. Wallace Chafe and Prof. Sandra Thompson (1990-1991). Employed by UCSB as a postgraduate researcher.

    – Three months in Tokyo at Waseda University, with Prof. Shigeaki Sugeta: research project on subordination in Japanese.

    – Three months in Tokyo, Waseda University: research project on contact phenomena between English and Japanese (1998).

    – Three months in Tokyo, Waseda University: research project on lexical categories in Japanese (2001).

    – Two months in Tokyo, Keio University: research project on hypothetical constructions in Japanese (2005).

    – Two months in Tokyo, Keio University: research project on Right Topics in Japanese (2012).





    – Since 1999 he teaches General and Historical Linguistics at University Roma Tre.

    Università di Cassino, Historical Linguistics, 1995-1996.

    Università Roma Tre, English Linguistics, 1996-2004.

    Universidad de Castilla – La Mancha (Spain), Italian Linguistics (March-April 2000).

    – Member of PhD evaluating Commissions, Universities of Pavia (2005, 2007), Torino (2007), Perugia (2008).

    – Member of international PhD Commission, universities of Paris VII (February 2006) and Le Mans (September 2006).

    University of Helsinki (April, 2006)

    Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem, Budapest (2007)

    Von Humboldt Universität zu Berlin (December, 2008)

    Waseda University, Tokyo (1994, 1998, 2001)

    Keio University, Tokyo (2005, 2012)





    XXVII International Congress of the Società di Linguistica Italiana, Lecce, october 1993.

    1st Italian- Spanish Colloquium in Rome, June 1995.

    First Conference of the Italian Association for Japanese Language Teaching, Pavia, April 1996.

    XXX International Congress of the Società di Linguistica Italiana, Pavia, September 1996.

    Colloquium “Focus on Focus”, Rome, May 1997.

    – Two lectures at the Advanced Course in Modern Languages, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, June 1997.

    Eighth Italian-Austrian Meeting (Parallela VIII), Trento, October 1998.

    XXXIII International Congress of the Società di Linguistica Italiana, Napoli, October 1999.

    International Colloquium “Classi di parole e conoscenza lessicale”, Roma, December 1999.

    XXXIV International Congress of the Società di Linguistica Italiana, Firenze, September 2000.

    – A series of lectures on general and historical linguistics at the University of Budapest (November-December 2000).

    International Colloquium “Nom et Verbe: Catégorisation et Référence”, Reims, October 2001.

    International Colloquium “What do we speak about when we speak of Linguistics?”, Roma, July 2002.

    International Congress “Sintant, old Italian Syntax”, Roma, September 2002.

    International Congress “Il parlato italiano”, Napoli, February 2003;

    XXXVII International Congress of the Società di Linguistica Italiana, L’Aquila, September 2003.

    International Symposium “Syntactic Functions – Focus on the Periphery“, Helsinki, 14-15 November 2003.

    – Colloquio italo-danese “Tipologia linguistica e società. Considerazioni inter- e intralinguistiche”, Roma, 27-28 November 2003.

    20th Scandinavian Conference of Linguistics, Helsinki, 7-9 January 2004.

    – Invited speaker, Seminari di greco del dipartimento di Studi sul Mondo Antico di Roma Tre. (February 2004).

    – Invited speaker, Congresso Internazionale Lingua e dialetto in Italia all’inizio del Terzo Millennio (Procida, May 2004).

    – Invited speaker, Colloquio Internazionale Lingue verbali e lingue dei segni. Confronti di strutture, costrutti e metodologie. (Roma, October 2004).

    Giovedì Linguistici di Roma Tre, on: Adattamento dei prestiti stranieri in giapponese. (Roma, November 2004).

    International Conference “From Ideational to Interpersonal: Perspectives from Grammaticalization“, Leuven, 10-12 febbraio 2005.

    – Accepted speaker, 9th International Pragmatics Conference, Riva del Garda, 10 – 15 July 2005.

    XXXIX Congresso della SLIMilano, 22-24 September 2005: Lo spazio linguistico italiano e le lingue esotiche.

    – Invited speaker, International Conference Lessico, grammatica e testualità nell’italiano scritto e parlato, Basel, 17-18 febbraio 2006.

    Congresso internazionale La comunicazione parlata, Napoli, 23-25 February 2006.

    IX congresso internazionale della SILFI, Prospettive nello studio del lessico italiano, Firenze, 14-17 June 2006.

    Giornate Internazionali su La struttura dell’informazione, Roma, 23-24 June 2006.

    – Invited speaker, Festival delle Scienze 2007 “Le età della vita” (Auditorium di Roma, sala Sinopoli, 20 January 2007), on: Argomenti contro l’innatismo linguistico.

    Giovedì Linguistici di Roma Tre, on: Un nuovo tipo di composto in italiano. (Roma, February 2007).

    – Invited speaker, Lingua e cultura giapponese in Italia, on: Le formazioni con suru sono verbi composti o verbi sintagmatici?. (Bologna, March 2007).

    – Invited speaker, IV Conferencia latinoamericana “Linguistica e Cogniçao”, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte (MG), Brasil, 9-11 August 2007, on: Some evidence against linguistic innatism.

    X SILFI International Conference, Sintassi storica e sincronica dell’italiano. Subordinazione, coordinazione, giustapposizione. Basel, 30 June-3 July 2008

    XLII SLI International ConferencePisa, 25-27 September 2008, Section Linguaggio e Cervello.

    – Invited speaker, Mente e Linguaggio: tra apprendimento e cognizione, on: In che modo il linguaggio non è nel cervello?. (Pavia, Collegio Ghislieri, 19 May 2009).

    – (with Raffaele Simone) Linguaggio a Roma Tre, on: Natural Constraints on Language (November 2009).

    – Invited speaker, ESOF 2010 (Euro Science Open Forum, Torino 2010), on: A che cosa serve la linguistica. (Torino, July 4th, 2010).

    – Invited speaker, Circolo linguistico Fiorentino, Occorrono migliori argomenti. Firenze, November 12th, 2010.

    – Invited speaker, Linguaggio a Roma Tre, Una riflessione non sintattica sui Negative Polarity Items. Roma, February 3rd, 2011.

    – Invited discussant, VI LABLITA International Workshop in Corpus Linguistics: New annotation paradigms for spoken romance languages data bases, Firenze, 16-17 giugno 2011.

    Invited speaker, Codisco 2011, I linguaggi delle scienze cognitive (Noto, 27-29 settembre 2011): Il linguaggio è già nel cervello?.

    The 30th International Conference on Lexis and Grammar (LGC2011), Nicosia (Cyprus), 5-8 October 2011, on: Lexicalization of Japanese light verb constructions between morphology and syntax.

    – Invited speaker, Linguaggio a Roma Tre, Funzione demarcativa della prominenza prosodica. Roma, January 19, 2012 (with Fabio Tamburini).

    AISV International Conference 2012 (Roma, January 25-27, 2012): Topic and Focus marking in talian: demarcation rather than culmination (with Gloria Gagliardi and Fabio Tamburini)

    GSCP 2012 International Conference (Belo Horizonte, February 29 – March 3, 2012): Topic and Focus marking in an Italian corpus: some results of algorithmic measurement and structural interpretation (with Fabio Tamburini).

    –     International 2012 Conference of the Societas Japonica Studiorum Romanicorum (Tokyo, 19-20 May 2012). Title: “Rumania-go to Italia-go ni okeru zenchishi-tsuki mokutekigo” – “Prepositional Object in Rumanian and Italian”. (with Shingo Suzuki)

    – Organizer (with Francesco Ferretti), Codisco 2012, Animals, Humans, Machines: the Whereabouts of Language (Roma, 24-26 September 2012).

    –     Codisco 2012 (Roma, 24-26 September 2012): Parti del discorso: un punto di vista cognitivo. (with Federica Cominetti)

    –     Invited speaker, International Workshop “Dynamics of Insubordination” (Tokyo, 25-28 October 2012): Insubordinated Conditionals in Spoken and Non-Spoken Italian.

    – Invited speaker, International Conference “Communication of Power and the Power of Communication”, Lund, December 6th-7th, 2012: Linguistic Strategies in the Italian Advertising Industry.

    Invited speaker, Codisco 2013, Le scienze cognitive in Italia: bilanci e prospettive (Noto, November 28-30, 2013): Dalla conoscenza del linguaggio alla conoscenza del cervello.

    – AISV International Conference 2014 (Torino, January 22-25, 2014): È vero – perché è vero: un caso estremo di Verum-Focus in italiano (with Laura Baranzini).

    – Invited speaker, International Conference “Linguistique textuelle. Théories, méthodes, phénomènes, structures” (Basel, July 2-4, 2014): Impatto degli impliciti: per un metodo di misurazione dei testi.

    XIII SILFI International Conference, “La lingua variabile nei testi letterari e funzionali contemporanei” (Palermo, September 22-24, 2014): Specificità della lingua persuasiva: quantificare l’implicito nei testi politici e pubblicitari. (with Viviana Masia)

    – International Conference “Parallelismi linguistici, letterari e culturali – 55 anni di Studi italiani” (Ohrid, 13-14 settembre 2014): Neosemie nell’italiano contemporaneo: per una eziologia parziale.

    – VI International Conference on Experimental Phonetics (Congreso Internacional de Fonética Experimental, CIFE 2014, Valencia, 5-7- September 2014): Prosodic prominence as a demarcating device between information units in spoken Italian.

    – Colloque International «Autour des formes implicites», Limoges, 13-14 November 2014: L’implicite comme moyen de persuasion: une approche quantitative.

    ASLI 2014 International Conference, “L’italiano della politica e la politica per l’italiano (Napoli, November 20-22, 2014): Misurare l’informazione implicita nella propaganda politica italiana. (with Viviana Masia)

    – Organizer (among others), AISC – Codisco 2014, “Bodies, tools and cognition”, Roma, 2-5 December 2014.

    AISC – Codisco 2014, “Bodies, tools and cognition”, Roma, 2-5 December 2014: La struttura Topic-Focus si è evoluta per economia di processazione? (with Viviana Masia).

    – Invited speaker, Convegno ASLI Scuola 2015, “Grammatica e Testualità” (Roma, February 25-26, 2015): Neosemie nell’italiano contemporaneo: errori o nuovi usi?

    AISC – Midterm 2015, “Il Futuro Prossimo della Scienza Cognitiva”, Palermo, 21-22 May 2015: Oculi speculum mentis: l’interazione tra giudizio di analogia e movimenti oculari (with Nicole Dalia Cilìa and Domenico Guastella).

    International Conference on “Prominence in Language”, Köln, 15-15 June 2015: Did informational prominence evolve to ensure economy of processing? (with Viviana Masia).

    ARGAGE 2015, “Argumentation and Language”, Lausanne, 9-11 September 2015: Implicit information from economy of processing to elusion of critical judgment (with Viviana Masia).

    Protolang 4, Roma, 24-26 September 2015: Easing automation in sentence processing:  the emergence of Topic and Presupposition units in human language (with Viviana Masia).

    CONTEXT 2015, “on Modeling and Using Context, Larnaca, Cyprus, 9-11 September 2015: The role of context in the processing of Information Structure: towards expectation-based parsing models (with Viviana Masia).

    CODISCO 2015, “Origini, Etiche, Immaginari”, Noto, 29-31 October 2015: Quali origini evolutive per gli impliciti disonesti?

    AISC 2015, “Language, Cognition and Society”, Genova, 10-12 December 2015: Linguistic implicits as a socially evolved persuasion device.

    – Invited speaker, Seminari di semiolinguistica: Strategie della comunicazione persuasiva. Lecce, Università del Salento, 15 December 2015.

    – Invited speaker, Linguaggio a Roma Tre: Le origini evolutive degli impliciti disonesti. Roma, 4 February 2016.


    – National Reviewer in the National Process of Research Evaluation (VQR) 2012-2013 (he examined and evaluated 11 “products”).

    – Member of his University’s Pre-selection Committee for the National Project Funding procedure (2011-2102-2013).

    – External Reviewer for the Swiss National Science Foundation.






    – Takes part in the linguistic-theoretical section of the “Progetto Finalizzato Robotica” (Aimed Project for Robotics) at the Department of Theoretical Physics of the University in Naples, in order to prepare a semantic and syntactic automatic analyzer of natural language.

    – Member of the editorial staff of the monthly magazine Scout – Proposta Educativa (national review of the Italian boy-scouts chiefs, 30.000 copies).

    – Translation from French of Claude Hagège, Le souffle de la langue, for La Nuova Italia publishing.

    – Supervision on translation from English of Zellig Harris, Language and Information, for Adelphi publishing.

    – Translation from German of Helmuth Plessner, Die Stufen des Organischen und der Mensch, for La Nuova Italia publishing.

    – He takes part, as a Supervisor and Unique assistant to the Direction, in thje redaction of the Italian Conciso Treccani dictionary, Published by the Istituto dell’Enciclopedia Italiana.

    – He participates in the group that (apponted by the Finance Ministry), rewrites the UNICO Persone Fisiche 2000 tax declaration form, and relative Instructions.

    – Consultant in the project “Existential constructions: An investigation into the Italo-Romance Dialects”, financed by the Arts and Humanities Research Council of the university of Manchester (2010- )

    – Conductor of radio programmes Castelli in Aria (2007, 2008, 2009) and La Parola della Settimana (2011-2012), for Rai Radio Tre (Italian public radio).

    – Member of the Scientific board of the Italian Journal of Cognitive Sciences, and of the online journal CHIMERA- Romance Corpora and Linguistic Studies.

    – Member of the Athens Institute for Education and Research (Philosophy Unit, Languages & Linguistics Unit).







    He writes and publishes in Italian, English and French. Translates from English, French and German.

    Speaks German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, some Japanese and… Piedmontese dialect.

    Reads ancient Greek and Latin.





    He is quite expert in computer science and artificial intelli­gence. He worked with data base, hypertext and concordance software for the handling of lin­guistic materials and the analysis of written texts, and with software for the editing of web pages.


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