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    Since 2014 Maddalena Pennacchia (PhD in Comparative Literature in 1998) is Associate Professor of English Literature at Roma Tre University where she became tenured in 2002. On March 30th 2017 she earned the National Eligibility to Full Professor in English literature.

    From December 2014 to December 2018 she sat in the Executive Board of the Department (Giunta) and served as Director of the of the MA Programme in Literatures and Intercultural Translation (LM.37) as well as the BA Programme in Languages and Literatures for Intercultural Communication (L-11), of which she co-coordinated in 2016 the restructuring of the curriculum.

    She is a member of the PhD Programme in Foreign Languages Literatures and Cultures

    She sits in the board  of the Master in Languages of Tourism and Intercultural Communication.

    She has organised International Intensive Programmes of Literature Abroad for a number of years.

    She is the Director of the Roma Tre SRISS (Shakespeare’s Rome International Summer School) and a delegate member of the Stratford International Shakespeare Conference.

    She authored Shakespeare intermediale. I drammi romani (Editoria e Spettacolo 2012) where she contends that Shakespeare’s is an intermedial  form of writing and where she focuses on his re-use of Roman topics and sources, a re-use which is repeated in the film adaptations of his five Roman plays.

    She is also the author of Tracce del moderno nel teatro di Shakespeare (ESI 2008) and Il mito di Corinne. Viaggio in Italia e genio femminile in Anna Jameson, Margaret Fuller e George Eliot (Carocci, 2001). She edited Literary Intermediality (Peter Lang 2007) and co-edited Questioning Bodies in Shakespeare’s Rome (V&R Unipress 2010), Adaptation, Intermediality and the British Celebrity Biopic (Ashgate 2014), and Turismo creativo e identità culturale (Roma TrE-Press, 2015).

    Her last book is titled Adattamento, appropriazione, condivisione di un classico. Pride and Prejudice di Jane Austen (ESI, 2018).

    She is the author of a creative bio-fiction for children, Shakespeare e il sogno di un’estate (Lapis 2009), that was also translated into Spanish (2013) and Romanian (2016).

    She has written extensively on Shakespeare, literary intermediality, adaptation studies, the biopic, literary tourisms, children’s literature, Jane Austen on screen, Shakespeare on screen, Bollywood adaptations of English literary classics, and early earth sciences in the Elizabethan and Jacobean plays.

    She is general editor of the book series Turismi e culture (Roma TrE-Press) and a member of the editorial board of Biblioteca di Studi inglesi (Edizioni di Storia e Letteratura); she is also reviews editor of the Journal of Adaptation in Film and Performance (Intellect).

    She sat in the Board of IASEMS (Italian Association of Shakespearean and Early Modern Studies) from 2009 to 2012.

    She promoted and is currently the contact person for the “Inter-Istitutional Agreement” LLP Erasmus between Roma Tre University and South Wales University – Cardiff (UK),  Worcester University (UK) and Groningen Univeristy (NL) and performed Staff Mobility Teaching Assignments in 2012 and 2015.

    She is peer reviewer for several international journals and has acted as external referee for PhD Thesis in European PhD Programmes.

    In 2016 she was onscreeen scientific consultant for the TV series Shakespeare Class (RAI Scuola) and L’Italia di Shakespeare. Viaggio nella Bellezza (RAI Storia)

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